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Let's relive !
Enjoy the show, discover & experience it again.
Live Shoot. Move. Enjoy. Just enjoy the show as you’re use to doing, shake your booty, take pictures, videos, anything you’d like, go get a drink, dance.. We take care of the rest.
Create Organize. Pick. Edit. Tell what your night was like.
Choose the best pictures, pick some from other relives, write your review...
Make a beautiful arrangement with what you saw, what you loved. Easy !
Live Again Watch. Discover. Enjoy again. Explore every other relives from the same event. Watch the show from everyone’s point of view, or from the average one. Discover who enjoyed it in the same way, or in a totally different one.
Want more ? Make it even easier. Besides being able to send your pictures, video, notes or sounds directly to your relive, it lets you record every one of your moves, right from your pocket. Yep, you don’t even have to spend too much time on your phone. Just enjoy the show !
How was your night ?